Back Acne Causes

Back acne– so gross!  So many possible causes!   You might not even know you have this problem until someone points it out, so in many cases, you go from “minding your own business” to “back acne is ruining my life,” and that is just not good at all.   Some people have it for years before getting it under control.  For the record:  back acne is just regular acne that occurs on your back (upper and lower) as well as sometimes your shoulders.  Yes, it is unattractive, although you’d probably rather have it on your back than your face (if you had to choose).

What you need is to get under acne under control RIGHT AWAY so you can stop obsessing about this problem.   Here is a whole page of treatments we have compiled to help you with this problem.  You might be curious about some reasons WHY you have back acne, so here are some possibilities.  These causes are mostly for adults, by the way:

1.  Exercise.   If you exercise (like going running, biking, or doing yoga) and sweat, then don’t shower quickly enough (with soap) you might get acne just from sweat and dirt staying on your skin, or from touching the machines at the gym.   If this sounds like you, you’re going to need to step up your post-exercise cleansing routine in addition to using some of the treatments listed on this page.   You might also want to change (or stop using) your conditioner if you have long hair, because this can sometimes collect on your back and lead to pimples/ acne.

2.  Your Diet.   Have you been eating alot of dairy products recently?   Some say that dairy can cause/ worsen acne by changing your hormones.   This program actually outlines a bunch of changes to your diet you can make to get your acne to go away (even the acne on your back!).   Contrary to popular belief, acne is not usually caused by eating fried foods or chocolate, but there are some really interesting dietary causes you can learn about here.

3.  Pregnancy/ Hormones in General.   Are you pregnant?   Hormones can make acne flare up in weird places, like your back/ along your spine, along your chin/ jaw line, and in your hair line.   Hormones can cause you to have acne even if you’re not pregnant– for instance, if you are over 30.  Diet can also do alot about this, or you might need to see a doctor to get your hormones back under control, because it could be something genetic.  Topical creams can also help!   Fun fact:  back acne is not a predictor of your baby’s gender.   If you ARE pregnant and you want to know about that, this guide is what you need.

4.  Steroid Use.   Acne (especially on the back) is a common side effect of steroids.   If you’re taking anabolic steroids (like for weight gain), you should be aware that they can cause many other side effects, like testicular shrinkage, anger (roid rage), and cardiac issues.   Acne is maybe the least of your worries if you’re taking illegal steroids, so your first step should be to STOP taking those.   If it’s other kinds of steroids you’re wondering about (like prednisone or regular corticosteroids) for a medical condition, then your best bet is to try to counteract the back acne with dietary changes.

5.  Habits.   Some acne is caused by something totally obvious and changeable, like a habit that you might not know is causing the problem.   For instance, if you have acne on one side of your back only, are you sleeping on that side and not washing your sheets enough?   Are you carrying a heavy backpack on that side?  Maybe switch sides and wash the backpack.   Is it winter and you’re wearing alot of sweaters?  Maybe try taking Keeping an acne journal (just about how many zits/ pimples you have, what you’re eating/ doing at the time/ what is working/ not working) can be enormously helpful in figuring something like this out.

Now that you know what the likely causes are, you’re probably wondering about some treatments, right?  We have a whole page about that right here.  Whatever you do, do not pop back acne!   Do not scratch it either, as this can cause bleeding.

If you just want to get something to treat your bacne right away, here you go:

Revitol AcneZine:   This is an excellent acne treatment that works from the inside out.

Acne No More:   Mike Walden– certified nutritionist, health coach, and former acne sufferer teaches you his acne freedom step by step system, jam-packed with valuable information on how to naturally and permanently eliminate your acne from the ROOT and achieve the LASTING clear skin you deserve.

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