Conquer the Cystic Pimple

So– cystic pimples.  You have them, I have them– actually, probably everyone has gotten one at one point or another in their lives.   A cystic pimple would be one of those swollen, under the skin type zits that is painful and doesn’t really have a “head.”

So if you have cystic acne the one thing that you need to remember is that this is not regular acne cystic acne could be caused by one or one of several kinds of bacteria and it doesn’t resolve in the way regular whitehead. It’s more like an infection and you have to treat it like that.

Some people think that cystic acne is actually caused by an allergy to dairy and this is the first thing that you should really try eliminating out of your diet if you suffer from cystic acne at all.  Dairy can be found of course in milk and meat and cheese him in foods like pizza and in chocolate but you should also just look at the ingredients of everything you eat him so for the first two weeks, to be sure you’re not eating dairy in other places, like protein bars.

One good thing to do is keep a food journal and write down everything you eat and try to just write down everything you eat and eliminate everything that has dairy in it.   At the same time, record what your skin looks and any cysts you can see/ how painful they area.  What you’re trying to do is track down a CAUSE for the cystic outbreak.   Many people find that dairy is the “silver bullet” that cures this problem for them.  It really helped with my breakouts!

In case you’re wondering, YES– it is a little bit time-consuming and kind of annoying to totally eliminate dairy from your diet as well as writing down everything you eat and while your face looks like, but it’s totally something that can help with your cystic acne problem if you have one.

The second thing to try on after you’ve eliminated dairy and started working on your food and acne journal is to turn in co” bringing a fresh lemon every day into your diet now I’m can have to do some trial and error it is very bitter and you’ll need to Wincherm out that after you squeeze a lemon and drink it because it will be reviewed to Canemill if you just drink it straight for number of days I’m not recommending that you bite into a lemon I’m recommending that you squeeze a fresh lemon Every morning and drink it on I drink it with a packet of emergency and some apple cider vinegar the length and they think detoxifies your body and makes it so on the cysts don’t actually have time to form that toxic stuff about


When you get the cysts, it is really important that you don’t squeeze them.   If you have ever noticed– when you have a cystic outbreak and you try to squeeze one of them, it’s never your standard “white stuff” that comes out.  It’s always a clear, kind of slimy liquid.   That is the infection, and it is SUPER CONTAGIOUS.   This is how you get other cysts forming on your face– by squeezing the first one, then using your dirty fingers to touch your face and squeeze others.  Believe me, I learned this the hard way– I once had a cystic outbreak turn into full-on impetigo, for which I had to take strong antibiotics.   I ended up having to wear no makeup (so, no cover up at all) and basically slather my face in Neosporin/ wear gloves so I didn’t touch my face.  When in doubt, DO NOT SQUEEZE THE CYSTIC PIMPLE!!

Also, yes, it is totally fine to put an ice cube on your cystic pimple.  This makes the swelling go down, although I have noticed that it’s actually better to put heat on a cystic infection (to kill the bacteria inside).   I wrote a whole thing about the Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device for another website if that interests you at all.  I love that thing and am really bummed out that the company went out of business!

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