Get Rid of Scars

Wondering how to get rid of acne (spot) scars?  You’re not alone.   This is a huge problem for many people!  Years after the pimples of puberty are gone, the acne aftermath remains for many. And though there’s no clear cut answer to who will wind up with scars or why, genetics and the severity of the acne do play a role. Regardless of how or why you got your acne scars, thanks to advances in dermatology therapy, enduring acne scarring is no longer mandatory.  One thing to remember about acne scars:  they’re probably not going to go away overnight, but you can definitely get rid of them.

Pimple scars occur due to injury of the tissue caused by a build up of bacteria and sebus in the sebaceous follicle. White blood cells and inflammatory molecules are rushed to the damaged cells, which work to heal the area and prevent infection. Afterwards, the damaged tissue may not return to normal – hence, acne scarring. Prevention, of course, is the best option for preventing acne scars. Beyond prevention, the next best option is to seek treatment as soon as possible. Waiting more than three years to treat your acne scars will only increase the chances of them being significant and/or permanent.

Just in case you’re suffering from scars right now, this is the scar treatment we highly recommend!

If you find that over-the-counter remedies make little to no difference for your acne scarring, a dermatologist can help evaluate other treatment options that may be viable for you including cortisone creams, collagen injections, dermabrasion and laser treatments. Care needs to be taken in evaluating your skin condition prior to treatment because certain ingredients may be too strong for delicate skin, particularly if it is healing or recently erupted.

Here are our favorite “real” remedies for addressing scars:

1.  The Scar Solution:  this is the program that is our favorite.   This system is inexpensive, thorough, and well put together, plus it comes with bonuses and a solid guarantee.   If you’re looking for a complete, long-lasting solution, this is definitely our recommendation.

2.  Revitol Scar Treatment.  This is by far the best scar treatment on the market, and we highly recommend it.

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