Tea Tree Oil as a Natural Treatment

I am a little bit obsessed with tea tree oil for acne right now.   I read this totally interesting article about how tea tree oil kills MRSA, and that made me curious as to whether this anti-bacterial “miracle oil” might work on my acne.

For the record, I have regular acne PLUS cystic pimples (fun!), I have had this since I was a teenager (I am now 41), and I have probably tried every single acne product and treatment on the market.  This totally includes Retin-A, every antibiotic in existence, three rounds of Accutane, and all the Clearasil, glycolic acid, and Proactiv that money can buy.  It really is a totally annoying and persistent problem.

In case you’re curious, I read this book and discovered that cystic acne is mostly diet related.  Since I changed my diet to eliminate some of the things the author discusses (like dairy products), I barely ever get cystic breakouts anymore.   So, just in case you’re wondering about cystic flareups, I do use tea tree oil stuff on the surface of the cysts to kill the bacteria (so it doesn’t spread), but I don’t think you could really consider tea tree oil as a long-term cure for cystic.

Anyhow, tea tree oil for acne.   Originally when I read about it, I thought I could maybe just buy an adorable little bottle of it (like this one) and rub the oil on my face.  This actually does work for getting rid of blackheads, as I covered in that article.

After some trial and error, I finally did find a tea tree oil product that I like.  It’s The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish Gel.   I like it because you can apply it multiple times per day without it over drying your face, it smells good, and it’s portable.  It does a good job of killing the bacteria in your zits (I guess?).
Here’s a picture of the gel.  It’s a little hard to see, because I am terrible at PhotoShop.  Sorry!  You can click it if you want to see it displayed larger (on Amazon).

The other product of theirs that I really like is this one, actually:

 No joke, this totally faded my acne scars, and I was not expecting to say that at all.  I just bought this product to see if the tea tree oil would keep my face from breaking out (because I can’t use regular moisturizer of ANY KIND OR MY FACE BREAKS OUT RIGHT AWAY).   Not only did it work to keep my acne under control, but it has evened out my skin tone.  Very surprising!

So, I can totally recommend those two products if you are looking for tea tree oil things that work on acne and acne scars.   Hope that is helpful!


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